EDMONTON, AB (January 19, 2017) – Net zero energy homes, homes that produce as much energy as they consume on an annual basis, have typically been reserved for individuals with a deep commitment to sustainable living or those willing to invest a fair sum of money towards energy efficiency. Landmark Homes is changing that. With its latest project in Maple Crest, net zero energy homes will be offered to the masses, and Landmark’s eventual goal is to build all of their homes to net zero energy standards, with affordability being the target. Maple Crest, located in southeast Edmonton, will have net zero homes starting at $399,737, which includes the lot, home, garage, net zero upgrades and GST. This home will be one of, if not the most, affordable single-family net zero energy homes in Canada.

Landmark Homes constructed their first net zero energy home in 2012 in Calgary’s neighbourhood of Cranston and in the past four years has built an additional 20 net zero energy homes in Calgary and Edmonton. Their Maple Crest project will add an additional three homes to this total.

“Landmark has a long-standing commitment to building environmentally-friendly homes and communities and we are thrilled to be bringing affordable net zero homes to the Edmonton market,” says Mike Haupt, general manager of Landmark Homes’ laned home division. “We always have sustainable initiatives at the forefront of our mind and constantly aim to improve in this area. We take on the newest advancements in energy-efficient building practices whenever we can.”

The purpose-built net zero show home will serve to introduce the concept and educate the public about ultra-energy efficient housing. At 1230 square feet, the show home is a great starting point to enter the net zero market. The home will have a super insulated building envelope, enhanced mechanical systems and will generate energy from 35 solar panels.

These unique, environmentally-friendly and energy efficient homes are attainable to the average homeowner with no change to design aesthetics, lifestyle and comfort. They are specifically designed for suburban living while keeping a sustainable way of life top of mind. The homeowner can find value in net zero with the exceptional energy performance and ultimate in comfort.

This home, located at 2686 Maple Way NW, will be finished and available to public viewing in mid-March.