There's Energy Efficiency. Then There's Landmark.

Landmark attached garage homes, detached garage homes, duplexes and townhomes come loaded with energy-efficient features that will help you live comfortably, breath easier and save money. We understand that a home must do more than just look good—it must perform well. Our homes are full of features that increase its strength, precision, efficiency and durability.

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Our duplexes, townhomes, attached garage homes and detached garage homes are so energy efficient that our customers are eligible to receive a 15% refund on their CMHC mortgage loan insurance. This is $2,200 in savings for a $400,000 home with a 5% down payment—meaning more money in your pocket!


Our triple-pane windows reduce heat loss by combining three panes of glass, argon filling and a low-e coating. This means lower energy, less fading of furniture and artwork, and less noise from outside when compared to double-pane windows.


Endless hot water means endless hot showers with our tankless water heaters. The system heats the water as you need it without a storage tank–saving you energy and money.


We include a high-velocity heating system in our homes instead of a traditional forced-air furnace. This system gives you more consistent climate control throughout your home, preventing hot and cold spots. Plus it’s quieter than a standard furnace and uses less energy. The ductwork is pressurized, minimizing dust build up.


The Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) acts as the “lungs” of your home by exchanging stale air from inside with fresh, outdoor air. It cleans the air by removing high humidity, odours and even pollutants brought in from day-to-day activities. Plus, it transfers heat from the air leaving your home to the fresh air coming in, helping your home stay comfortable.


Landmark Homes is proud to be one of the original members of Built Green® Canada. The average Landmark Home receives a Platinum Built Green® rating based on its EnerGuide rating. This means that the majority of our customers receive a 15% refund on their CMHC mortgage loan insurance. Plus they save money monthly by having an energy efficient Landmark home.


All of our homes are built using engineered lumber, which is straighter than traditional lumber and does not warp. This means you will have fewer nail pops, drywall cracks and shifting door frames. It’s also 200% stronger. Your walls will love our lumber.


We build your home inside a climate controlled facility in Edmonton, then bring it out to your lot to be assembled and finished. This innovative process keeps the inside of your home away from the elements. Plus it creates a tighter building envelope, which makes your home more comfortable.


Many of our homes include LED lighting in the standard lighting package. LED light bulbs last up to 20-25 years, making them more economical over the long run. They also do not heat up as much as incandescent bulbs, keeping your rooms cooler.


A Landmark Net Zero Home uses zero gigajoules of energy over the course of a year. We add a package of boosted energy-efficient features into the home, including an ultra-efficient heating and cooling system, extra insulation, double coated triple-pane windows, and superior ventilation. We then cover the roof with solar panels, making this home a powerhouse.

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Homes equipped with solar panels harness the energy from the sun’s rays and convert it to electricity. This low-maintenance feature gives you control over your monthly energy bill, giving you the ability to sell excess energy back to the utility company. Now that’s power.

*Some features may not be available for all home types.